Quarter-finalists announced!

The time has come, the quarter-finalists have been selected! The jury, chaired by Prof. Konstanze Eickhorst, was very impressed by the high level of the applications and has now announced its results. 18 young pianists from 10 countries will be invited to the quarter final in Bremen in February 2024. Congratulations to:

Belyavsky, Sergey (Russland/Russia) *1993
Doronin, Alexander (Russland/Russia) *2002
Dvarionaitė, Elšbieta Liepa (Lithuania / Litauen) *2001
Gillot, Théotime (Frankreich/France) *2002
Ilgen, Emir (Türkei/Turkey) *2003
Katter, Lukas (Österreich/Austria) *1997
Kliuchereva, Elizaveta (Russland/Russia) *1999
Levy, Roni (Israel) *1996
Ling, Florent (Frankreich/France) *1994
Maccarrone, Francesco (Italien/Italy) *1997
Muidinov, Muzaffar (Russland/Russia) *1993
Nasti (Russland/Russia) *1996
Neeb, Vincent (Germany/Deutschland) *1998
Nikovic, Jan (Kroatien/Croatia) *2001
Pushkarev, Nikolay (Ukraine) *1997
Rubinstein, Tomer (Israel) *2003
Soos, Victor (Deutschland/Germany) *1996
Yeo, Gabriel (Deutschland-Korea/Germany-Korea) *1998

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The quarter-finalists will be announced soon!

The jury of the 18. European Piano Competition Bremen has spent the last weeks listening to the video performances of the 52 applicants from altogether 20 countries. The extremely high pianistic and musical level of the young pianists was impressive. Be ready to hear the names of the quarter-finalists very soon!

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The results will also be announced soon on Facebook and Instagram!


18th European Piano Competition Bremen 2024 has started

We are very pleased to announce that the European Piano Competition Bremen 2024 has now started with the video-preselection round. Altogether 52 pianists were qualified to take part in the competition.

We welcome for the video preselection round:

Aktas, Salih Hasim (Luna) – *2001 – Turkey / Türkei
Albrecht, Florian – *2003 – Germany / Deutschland
Basic, Ivan – *1996 – Hungary – Serbia / Ungarn – Serbia
Beccaria, Umberto – *1996 – Italy / Italien
Belyavsky, Sergey – *1993 – Russia / Russland
Bernots, Pols Bernards – *2000 – Latvia / Lettland
Braidi, Julien – *1995 – France / Frankreich
Braun, Susanna – *1999 – Germany / Deutschland
Burleigh, Lysander – *2004 – Germany - Great Britain / Deutschland - Großbritannien
Carler, Sten Ulloa – *1997 – Sweden / Schweden
Degavino, Dominic – *1995 – Great Britain / Großbritannien
Dietrich, Tobias – *1999 – Germany / Deutschland
Doronin, Alexander – *2002 – Russia / Russland
Dvarionaitè, Elžbieta Liepa – *2001 – Lithuania / Litauen
Erofeeva, Anna – *1993 – Russia / Russland
Evgrafov, Egvenii – *2002 – Israel
Felber, Cornelia – *1997 – Germany / Deutschland
Gaálová, Anna – *1999 – Tschechien / Czech Republic
Gillot, Théotime – *2002 – France / Frankreich
Goniarski, Juliusz – *1994 – Poland / Polen
Haniková, Johanna – *1994 – Tschechien / Czech Republic
Henke, Adrian – *2000 - Germany / Deutschland
Ilgen, Emir – *2003 – Turkey / Türkei
Katter, Lukas – *1997 – Austria / Österreich
Kliuchereva, Elizaveta – *1999 – Russia / Russland
Klüser, Max Philip – *1994 - Germany / Deutschland
Leung, Rebecca – *1999 – Great Britain / Großbritannien
Levy, Roni – *1996 – Israel
Ling, Florent – *1994 – France / Frankreich
Maccarrone, Francesco – *1997 – Italy / Italien
Muidinov, Muzaffar – *1993 – Russia / Russland
Nauruzova, Elizaveta – *2001 – Russia / Russland
Neeb, Vincent – *1998 – Germany / Deutschland
Nikovic, Jan – *2001 – Croatia / Kroatien
Oldemeier, Niklas – *1993 – Germany – Great Britain / Deutschland – Großbritannien
Petersen, Levin – *1999 – Germany / Deutschland
Praženica, Pavol – *2001 – Slovakia / Slowakei
Pushkarov, Nikolai/Mykola – *1997 – Ukraine
Rubinstein, Tomer – *2003 – Israel
Schwalbe, Hanna – *2001 – Germany / Deutschland
Skomorokhov, Vladimir – *1999 – Russia – Germany / Russland - Deutschland
Sokolova, Nasti – *1996 – Russia / Russland
Solvang, Kei – *2002 – Norway / Norwegen
Soos, Viktor – *1996 – Germany / Deutschland
Stier, Alexa – *1997 – Hungary – Romania / Ungarn – Rumänien
Toniello, Colin – *2005 – Luxembourg – France / Luxemburg – Frankreich
Toniolo, Giulia – *1996 – Italy / Italien
Utkin, Sergey – *1999 - Russia / Russland
Valcheva, Elizara – *1999 – Bulgaria / Bulgarien
Weidemann, Sophia – *1994 - Germany / Deutschland
Wenzel, Leon - *1997 – Germany / Deutschland
Yeo, Jun-Ho Gabriel – *1998 – Germany – Korea / Deutschland – Korea

We wish all participants best of success in the competition!

The participants of the quartel-final round will be announced on December 1st 2023 the latest. The rounds in presence, beginning with the quarter-final round, will take place in Bremen in the Sendesaal from February 7th 2024 onwards.


2nd prize for Valère Burnon at the Viotti International Music Competition

Congratulations! On October 14 the final of the 73rd Viotti International Music Competition took place in Vercelli. In the orchestra final Valère Burnon performed successfully and won the 2nd prize. We are proud of the young pianist, who was already the first prize winner at the European Piano Competition Bremen in 2021. All the best for the future!


Application deadline extended until September 30

PLEASE NOTE: The application deadline of the 18th European Piano Competition Bremen has been extended until September 30, 2023. The conditions of participation and the program are unchanged. The first round is a preliminary video round. More information about how to apply and the competition rules can be found here:
Please read the announcement and all instructions carefully. We are looking forward to your application!


The application form is online!

You may now apply for the 18th European Piano Competition Bremen by using the application form, which you can find here:
Please read carefully all the instructions as well as the rules and regulations. We are looking forward to your application by September 1st, 2023.


Announcement for the 2024 competition online!

We are proud to announce that the details about the 18th European Piano Competition Bremen 2024 are now online. Interested pianists can inform themselves about the program and the conditions of participation on this website.

The registration is not yet open.We will be accepting applications within the next weeks and will let you know immediately as the application form has been launched on the Competition Website. We welcome applications until September 1, 2023.


Save the date!

We are happy to announce that the 18th European Piano Competition Bremen will take place from 6th - 13th February 2024. We plan to execute the first round of the competition as a preliminary video round. The jury will process the applications in Autumn 2023.

We will keep you posted about the application procedure, program and rules within the next weeks. Please check the competition homepage regularly.


Congratulations to Lukas Sternath!

The 71st ARD Music Competition ended yesterday and we congratulate Lukas Sternath on his great success! The young Austrian had won the Second Prize and the Audience Prize at the European Piano Competition Bremen in 2021. Now he was honoured with the first prize and the audience prize in the piano category at the prestigious ARD Music Competition. A great result - congratulations!


Happy New Year!

The year is still young, but the team of the European Piano Competition Bremen is already busy planning for the future. The Corona pandemic situation, which is still very unpredictable, continues to challenge us in many ways, but we are optimistic that we will be able to publish new information here soon. Stay tuned!


Kiron Atom Tellian back at the Sendesaal Bremen

We always like to think back to the last European Piano Competition Bremen in July last year - great young pianists presented themselves in the Sendesaal Bremen and brought us excellent piano music in three competition rounds. Now Kiron Atom Tellian - the youngest semi-finalist - returns to Bremen and, at the invitation of the Sendesaal, will play a solo concert in the series “saltarello - Ausnahmetalente im Sendesaal” on Friday, 18 March at 8:00 pm. Do not miss it!



And the winner is...

The European Piano Competition Bremen 2021 is over and these are our winners:

Valère Burnon - 1st Prize
Lukas Sternath - 2nd Prize
Aleksandr Zakharov - 3rd Prize
Lukas Sternath - Audience Award, this year awarded by pupils

In addition, the following special prizes were awarded:
Valère Burnon - Prize for the best interpretation of the compulsory piece of music (Matan Porat: “Bursting Light”)
Kiron Atom Tellian - Special Award for the youngest semifinalist
Anna Khomichko - Special Award or the excellent interpretation of a piece of music by a woman composer

Congratulations to all prize winners!

We sincerely thank all sponsors and prize donors of this year’s competition:

Die Sparkasse Bremen, Heinz Peter und Annelotte Koch-Stiftung, Waldemar Koch Stiftung, Karin und Uwe Hollweg-Stiftung, Familie Saacke, Familie Osmers, Bremer Tageszeitungen AG, Internationaler Arbeitskreis Frau und Musik e.V.


Congratulation to the Finalists

Congratulation to the finalists of the European Piano Competition Bremen 2021:

Valère Burnon
Lukas Sternath
Aleksandr Zakharov

Schedule for the final round on 18th July:
16:00-16:30 Valère Burnon - soloprogramme
16:30-17:00 Lukas Sternath - soloprogramme
17:00-17:30 Aleksandr Zakharov - soloprogramme

Break 17:30-19:00

Opening 19:00
19:15-20:00 Valère Burnon
20:15-21:00 Lukas Sternath
21:15-22:00 Aleksandr Zakharov

ca. 22:30 awards ceremony