New competition conditions due to the CoVid19 pandemic

Dear participants of the European Piano Competition Bremen,
dear guests and interested people,
due to the current security situation in context with the CoVid19 pandemic, the artistic direction is planning the 17th European Piano Competition, which, as previously announced, will take place from 10-21 July 2021. Since we assume that a large instrumentation for a symphony orchestra will not be possible in summer 2021, there will be fundamental changes for the final round. Reluctantly, due to the circumstances, we have decided to modify the regulations for the final round so that the participants can prepare themselves without restrictions. The Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra in the form of a string quartet with solo strings, will accompany the competition in this altered form and play together with the finalists in the main concert hall of “Die Glocke”.

Changes for final round:
For the final round with a string quartet from the Bremen Philharmonic Orchestra the following have to be prepared:
• R. Schumann: Piano Quintet E flat major, op. 44
• J. Brahms: Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 34
• D. Shostakovich: Piano Quintet in G minor, op. 57

An additional component of the final round will be a solo work or a cycle or group of works of approximately 20 minutes playing time. This can be freely chosen and can be taken from the prepared competition repertoire.

So we are looking forward to a somewhat different, but still beautiful competition in summer 2021!


Postponement of the competition: 10.-20. July 2021

Following the spread of the Corona virus and the emergency guidelines to curb the epidemic in Germany and around the world, the management of Competition, all of the partners as well as the Landesmusikrat Bremen has decided to postpone the 17th European Piano Competition Bremen.
We are pleased a new date has already been found: 10.-20.7.2021!
The 71 already admitted participants of the 17th European Piano Competition Bremen are then invited again to demonstrate their skills in the Sendesaal Bremen and in the Bremer Glocke.
This date is subject to all risks arising from the current crisis situation.

Thanks to the continued support of participants, sponsors, our audience and of course the partners of the competition, we will then certainly be able to celebrate a wonderful 17th European Piano Competition Bremen!
Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Current information about the coronavirus

The management of the European Piano Competition Bremen keeps itself constantly informed about the development of the measures taken at national and international level to contain the COVID-19 virus. At present, we are still planning to hold the competition in May 2020, but we will only be able to carry out a more precise risk assessment at the beginning of April and accordingly decide whether the competition can take place.
We ask all participants and guests for patience and hope for a positive development !


71 participants are admitted

71 participants were admitted to the 17th European Piano Competition Bremen. We are looking forward to the participants from 18 nations and an exciting competition.
We are looking forward to the participation of:
Jean-Selim Abdelmoula, Switzerland
Julie Alcaraz, France
Romulo Aoto de Ramos, Italy
Valeriia Badon, Ukraine
Mihaly Berecz, Hungary
Valère Burnon, Belgium
Anaïs Cassiers,Belgium
Mariia Chernaia, Russia
Alexandre Chenorkian, France
Anastasia Churbanova, Russia
Guillaume Durand Piketty, France
Augustinas Eidukonis, Lithuania
Zulfat Fakhraziev, Russia
Rostyslav Fedyna, Ukraine
Ksenia Fedoruk, Germany
Ivan Galić, Croatia
Jodyline Gallavardin France
Cemil Yener Gökbudak, Turkey
Juliusz Goniarski, Poland
Fabian Gehring, Germany
Anna Hajduk-Rynkowicz, Poland
Luka Hauser, Germany
Lukas Katter, Austria
Nadia Kiselova, Ukraine
Anna Khomichko, Russia
Georg Kjurdian, Latvia
Alena Klayavina, Russia
Bogatay Köprülü, Turkey
Kyrylo Korsunenko, Ukraine
Piotr Kowal, Poland Elisha Kravitz, Israel
Maximilian Langer, Germany
Mihaela Manea, Romania
Danilo Mascetti, Italy
Marta Misztal, Poland
Yevhenii Motorenko, Ukraine
Muzaffar Muidinov, Russia
Victoria Nava, Belgium
Francesca Orlando, Italy
Aristotelis Papadimitriou, Greece
Georgiana Pletea, Romania
Anastasia Pronko, Russia
Alessandro Pratico, Italy
Emil Reinert, Germany
Luc Redor, France
Elena Reznikova, Sweden
Tomasz Ritter, Poland
Danylo Saienko, Ukraine
Josefa Schmidt, Germany
Bella Schütz, France
Sofia Semenina, Russia
Clara Isabella Siegle, Germany
Jonas Stark, Germany
Lukas Sternath, Austria
Linhan Sung, Germany
Anna Ewa Szałucka , Poland
Kiron Atom Tellian, Austria
Lev Terskov, Russia
Wouter Valvekens, Belgium
Stamatis Vlachodimitris, Greece
Timofei Vladimirov, Russia
Alexander Vorontsov, Russia
Sophia Weidemann, Germany
Bastian Windisch, Germany
Yang Wu, Switzerland
Dariya Yastrezhembskaya, Russia
Orcun Yildiran, Turkey
Aleksandr Zakharov, Russia
Tom Zalmanov, Israel
Johann Zhao, Austria
Konstantin Zvyagin, Russia


European Piano Competition 2020

Pianists from Europe, the Commonweath of Independent States (CIS), Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Russia are invited to applicate for the 17. European Piano Competition Bremen 2020. The competition takes place from 16.-26. May 2020 in Bremen. Application Deadline is on 17.01.2020.


Prizewinner 2018

Congratulation to the prizewinners of the 16. European Piano Competition Bremen 2018:
1. price: Marek Kozák
3. price: Irina Chistiakova
3. price: Andrey Denisenko

public’s award: Marek Kozák
special price fot the youngest semifinalist: Marek Kozák
special price for the best interpretation of the compulsatory piece written for the competition: Marek Kozák
special price for the best interpretation of a woman’s composition: Daniel Golod

The 2nd price was not awarded.